He seems a little careless,But this careless heart also reveals contempt for everything around。

Just now,He also saw,Just so what。 Goods like Zeng Liang,How to train your dragon,How does it compare to a real genius like him? “If you only have this blue sacred dragon,Then you can give in early,And me,Although I won’t be as jealous as Zeng Liang,But it’s not a gentle person,The person against me,Nothing to end。Your […]

“Yao Kun,You did a good job this time,Your family in Yao,I will definitely let Tu Guo take good care of the students。”Chang Hong patted Yao Junshi,Said with a smile。

Yao Junshi’s face changed,Want to explain,But I found that everyone’s eyes fell on me,Suddenly flushed。 “Yao Junshi,How can you betray us!”Hu Bailing was shocked,Questioned angrily。 Hu Chongming learned this secret from his ancestors,And still Zhu Minglang and Li Xing painting found the remains in Lihuagou,It was concluded that there is a ruin entrance in this […]

“Try it。”Li Ming twisted his arm。

“boom~”Li Ming’s fist directly hit the spear piercing feeling,Hit the humanoid target directly,Then I twisted my body,The elbow also hit the target’s head。 After that, the legs are like a long whip,Slap on the waist of a humanoid target,The human-shaped target bends slightly。 Walking with feet,Stretch the body into a bow,Hit the forehead directly on […]

And looking at these,at this time,Wang Teng never forgets to say here。

“All right,Actually other things,There is nothing to say at all。” “But at least here,What we need to do,Actually there are many。” When Wang Teng just looked in front of him subconsciously,The more so,In fact, when Wang Teng looked at it, it started,Think in Wang Teng’s heart,It feels more exciting to come。 And seeing these,Now,Wang Teng […]

“Lao Li,Your time for this task is a bit long!”

“Mainly to dig some secrets hidden behind this mission~”Li Ming is proud,Then he warned:“These tasks,I suspect there are many opportunities behind,But if you tap these opportunities,I’m afraid the difficulty will also prompt a lot,Do what you can。”then,Li Ming told them the process of obtaining the inheritance of the god general,Finally added:“But that inheritance seems to […]

“hehe,I just said that how many big men will say that if you say that you don’t want your face?,It turns out that you are guys.。”

“Row,Let’s go together.,Otherwise, I will have no regrets.。” Li Hui’s words let other people in the car feel a little harmful while feeling that he is a big。 Four young people are not practicing such a narrow space, I am afraid I can fight the teacher.,But Li Hui actually wants to pick four。 And those […]

“There are rumors that the prehistoric world has been destroyed,Is this true or false?”Li Tianzhen is surprised。

“Indeed destroyed。”Liger is sad,“I live in the Five Elements Realm,Was later taken in by Lianbao Tianzun,Become its mount,Later, the Five Elements World also began to decline rapidly,So I just wander around with Tianzun。” “Tianzun?!”Li Tianzhi was even more surprised,This is the respect of the ancient gods to the main god,This liger beast actually encountered an […]

Stare at it for a moment,Sure that the holy emperor is dead,Everything goes to the void,This is how you calm down,Look around,Like looking for a marker。

A moment later,Confirmed the direction,The big eyeballs flew quickly,Like a meteor,I don’t know how long it has been flying,It stopped by a turbulent stream of huge meteorites,The weird big eyeball moves around,Soon he caught a lighthouse hidden in the dark。 The orange-red light is very similar to the color of the cross section of the […]

“its not right,Lao Mouzi、Old Pervert and Ge Hong are both single-attribute rules.。”

“How am I dual attributes?” “No way,You have to go to Lao Mouzi。” Just want to get out,Stopped again。 “No way,I said last night to help him find snow lotus in the forbidden area,I ran back to ask him about the law,Did he know that I was lying to him!” “I will study it for […]