Xia Jian walked to Secretary Wang,Asked softly:“You know what happened,What do you say about this?“

“It’s up to you!People here trust you,No one listens when i talk“Secretary Wang said,Helplessly shook his head。 Xia Jian called Ding Changwa over,Asked softly:“What’s the situation in Ding Guisheng’s home??How old is the old man,Tell me in detail” “Old man Ding Gui is 78 this year,My wife is gone。Have a son and a daughter,They are […]

“Three True Immortals,The mana of each large formation is two or three times higher than that of the real immortal,The pure attack power can be comparable to the top to the peak of a real fairy。”

“It seems,Want to deal with them,It’s still very troublesome without effort。” Li Ming smiled slightly,Began to mobilize the heart,And the mana mobilized by the other two true immortals。 “boom~” Nine levels of chaos prohibit the first level of operation! The ten-handled fairy sword began to cover the star pattern,It’s the Avenue of Stars that runs。 […]

And the leading three elements,Even spread billions of miles。

“That’s it,This main godhead will automatically lead to form a god plane,And when opening up the plane of God,The soul is completely integrated with the plane of God。This God plane was created by me,Nature contains the mark of my soul。My will is naturally immersed in it,Feeling all the time。” “Like holding hands,Demonstrate in your mind […]

but,She thinks it is too simple.,Who wants to go too much??

Everyone said that the mouth is dry,And Blue Xin is a leisurely look at them.,That clear scorpion,From beginning to end with shallow smile。 Hundreds of partners,Suddenly I feel like a clown, I’m looking at Blue Xin.。 Everyone suddenly didn’t talk.,Blue Xin is still laughing,Lin Zihang is depressed。 This blue is to the end is the […]

He Shouheng heard Chen Xiu agree,However, he is not as confident in Chen Xiu’s combat effectiveness as gambling skills.。

“Chen Xiu,Are you sure?” “do not know……” He Shouheng rolled his eyes and said first:“Kung Fu,Vertical and horizontal,The winner stands and the loser lies down,The chance of winning or losing is half and half,Right!” Chen Xiu said with a smile:“Xiao He Sheng,you know me!” He Shouheng was relieved to see him so confident。 The casino […]

But this has introduced a new contradiction point,A life change,How do you see that Liao Wenjie will do?。

If you can,The previous hypothetics and facts will overthrow,Liao Wenjie is a cold blood,Will not save the palace。 Contradiction,Conan has to accept a lentry fact,Liao Wenjie took the body from the police department,And resurrect it。 I can only explain this.。 “People can’t recruit,I am not God,How can I resurrect??” Liao Wenjie’s expression of a mentally […]

“also……Thanks to you today。Say,Your right hand,How is it cured?”

Doctor Qiu curiously said。 If Fang Yu can provide a method,They can treat many patients with hand nerve palsy。 “Just a coincidence……Everyone’s situation is different!” Fang Yu said ambiguously。 Simultaneously,Gave Doctor Qiu account。 “Thanks a lot!” Doctor Qiu gratefully said。 No Fangyu,He has to be unemployed! unfortunately,Fang Yu doesn’t want to come back to the […]

Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Nothing,You can rest assured now,The bastard got kicked out,You don’t have to be afraid of him anymore”

“it is good!He said nice things to me just now,I told you to let him go,It seems this guy is really scared”When Wang Lijun was telling Xia Jian about this,Uncle Niu came over。 He glanced at Wang Lijun and said:“My Jupeng Tea House in town,If there is anything in the future,You just report my name,You […]

Wang Youcai gave Liu Changgui a little angry,Go to the engineering team’s room。This engineering team is from the south,I like rice most。

“Hey!Boss Li,I’ll have a meal“Wang Youcai shouted loudly as he walked。 The boss of the engineering team is a fat guy,He saw that Wang Youcai was here,Laughed out loud:“need,need。Today’s food is good,Have a big row,I’ll let you have it in a while“ “More“Wang Youcai said loudly。 ? ———— Entrepreneurship:Wholeheartedly for the people ———— First1402chapter Despicable […]