Chengdu launched a blind road special rectification to let the blind people do not "obstinate" – People’s Political Consultative Conference

In order to effectively solve problems such as disabled facilities such as urban road, purify the lack of lack of lack of lack of lanes, providing a safe and comfortable travel environment for the public, especially visually impaired persons, Chengdu is carrying out a special rectification of urban roads for about 3 months. This remediation […]

De Chinese ambassadeur, de ambassadeur van Soedan, ontmoette Bouly met Su Jun Leaders

De ambassadeur van MA Xin en Bourges. De Chinese ambassade in Soedan wordt toegekend door de mensen. Camei MU, 11 november (Reporter Suhang) De Chinese ambassadeur van Sudan zal de Sovjetleider in Bourghan ontmoeten op de 10e en wisselen van mening over de huidige situatie in Soedan. MA Xinmin zei dat als een traditionele Soedanese-vriendelijke […]

Create "Longjiang True, with you" brand trading group to borrow a new chapter of "Travel" to open a new chapter

In the Heilongjiang Airline Science Museum, children are preparing to conduct a pilot experience. The People’s Network Sujinggang’s overall overlooking the virgin lake is a new travel experience. The Heilongjiang Provincial Aviation Science Pop Museum in the Mudanjiang Tourism Service Center is full of "Science and Technology Fan". This aviation technology experience hall integrated with […]

Beijing Winter Olympische Herfstmening trekt het publiek aan

  Originele titel: Beijing Winter Olympic Park Autumn Scene trekt openbaar 2 november, het publiek in Peking Winter Olympische Spelen in Beijing. Beijing Winter Olympics bevindt zich in het westelijke deel van Shijingshan, Yongding River, dicht bij Peking 2022 Winter Olympic Organizing Committee en ski-dapkin, met een totale lengte van ongeveer 14 kilometer, met een totale […]

Artistic Square: "Changjin Lake", reproduce a great national battle attitude

  "Being a punch, lest." Recently, the anti-US aid movie "Changjin Lake" is hot, and then the Chinese People’s Volunteers, the 9th Corps of the Chinese People’s Volunteers will be generous, and the enemy of the teeth. Heroic epic in the bloody battle. On September 30th, the national martyrs commemorative day, there are audiences say: "In […]

Chengdu launched the "Industrial Ecotrous Talent Program": The advanced level of talent project under the new development concept

  In order to promote innovative resources to the industrial ecotry circle, Chengdu "Industrial Ecotropic Talent Program" recently launched the first declaration work. It is reported that in 2021, 14 industrial ecotry circles around electronic information, medical health, green intelligent network, aerospace, etc., taking "a circle of one strategy", selection supports 280 left industrial ecotry leading […]

2021 China toeristische tour professionele finale, WU Yi, een dubbele kroon

De 2021 Chinese tennis tour werd in mei geopend. Na zes stations Professional-Grade Game, waren het totale aantal mannen in het jaar, de top 16 mannelijke en vrouwelijke spelers gekwalificeerd om deel te nemen aan de Macau-finales.   Xinhua News Agency, 12 december (Reporter Liu Gang, Li Hanfang) voor een week, de 2021 China Tennis Tour […]

Beijing Winter Olympics Science and Technology Fan

  De Olympische Spelen van Beijing Winter is geweldig en de Olympische Olympische Spelen van de winter worden onthuld. Uit het vakmanschap, de deelname aan de Olympische Winterspelen, is de kracht van technologie-innovatie ge?ntegreerd in. Technologie helpt de Olympische Winterspelen, meer groen, sneller, veiliger … Naast het voldoen aan de vraag naar de Olympische Winterspelen, zullen […]

Be a corporate "mother family"

In the morning of October 12, the Wulibao Sub-district office and the staff of Yazhuang Community serve the company’s employees, passionately introducing the car owner to the owner’s handling process, answer the owner’s question, and carefully check the electric vehicle for each The vehicle status, carefully check the invoice and certificate of the vehicle, and […]