Bank of China Shanxi Branch helps Jin enterprises "世界"

  On November 6, the 4th China International Import Expo trade investment docking will open at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). This trade investment docking will be jointly organized by China International Import Expo, National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) and Bank of China.   As the Bank of China, the Bank of China, China […]

2021 Beijing Xiangshan Forum expert video closing

People’s Network Beijing October 27th (Huang Zijuan, Peng Xiaoling, Tang Song) October 26th, 2021 Beijing Xiangshan Forum expert video will be closed in Beijing.During the forum, more than 50 well-known experts from more than 20 countries and international organizations have further strengthened the consensus of "adhere to cooperation and win-win and promoting global safety governance".During […]

Baoding Yasukuni: the North’s largest traditional Chinese medicine personnel training base for accelerated molding

Baoding People November 26 electricity 25, in the city of Baoding Yasukuni modern school of medicine Park hot construction scene. The total investment billion, covering nearly 200 acres of Yasukuni City Vocational Education Center project a new campus project has been capped five main floor, are stepping up construction of related facilities …… "Yasukuni City […]

500-ton vrachtboot zal bruisen in Guizhou "Gold Waterway"

Avantime 603. Guizhou Air Technology Company is in kaart gebracht, en de Republikeinse haven van Delianng County, de twee 500-tons bulkdragers "Avocation 609, de Avionics 611" SHELZUI. Op dit punt heeft het 500-tons schip dit jaar 11 schepen bereikt. Met een schip, Ji Shui, rustig, 20 jaar, "gouden waterweg", Wujiang, zal het welvarende landschap reproduceren. […]

Antique tooth carving non-genetically Dade Yu: Usage and love, let the precious culture sprinkled

  Perhaps because of the experience of being a ten-year experience from his parents, Nanjing antique dental sculpture provincial representative non-genetically biologist Dade Yu’s body, always has fun, diligent and grassroots feelings. Recently, Yangzi Evening News / Zappian News reporter entered this tooth carving master in Jiangning’s home, listening to him, "When the most painful time, […]

2018 Legendary China Festival · Mid-Autumn Festival

  Over de oorsprong van het Mid-Autumn Festival zijn er veel uitspraken. Het woord Mid-Autumn Festival was de vroegste "Zhou Li", "Rites, Million Orde": "Zhongqiu’s maand van het oude, het houdingsdieet." Een zei dat het afkomstig is van de opofferingsactiviteiten van oude keizers. "Boek" wordt geregistreerd: "Son Chun-dynastie, Qiu Xi", de monnik opoffert de maan, die […]

2022 Professional Education Key Work! – Beleid directe hit

[Abstract] Op de ochtend van 23 februari hield het ministerie van Onderwijs de derde 2022 "Education New Year" -serie, waarbij het werk van hoogwaardige ontwikkeling in modern beroepsonderwijs introduceerde. De directeur van het beroepsonderwijs en de divisie voor volwasseneneducatie van het volwassenenonderwijs introduceerde de focus van 2022 en het algemene denken. Op de ochtend van […]

Approaching Winter Olympics All-round Test Country Snow Sleigh Center held the first international event

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing October 25 (Reporter Zhang Yu, Ma Bangjie, Li Chunyu) For two days, "Meeting Beijing" 2021/2022 snowcot and steel frame snow car timelies on the 25th at the National Snow Sleigh Center. This is the first international event held by the Winter Olympics after the completion of the venue, which will run […]

Based on the resource advantage to do a good job in forest grass articles for biodiversity contributions to Longjiang Forest

The meeting pointed out that Xi Jinping’s important principal secretary speech, focusing on biodiversity, promoting significant issues of sustainable development, solemnly announced that China will continue to promote the construction of ecological civilization, fully highlighting important participants, contributors, contributors, contributors, contributors of China as global ecological civilization The leader’s active active as a history. Biological […]