Wait for the father and daughter to leave,Xia Jian really poured the tea in the teapot,I searched for a while in the tea in Fangye,Picked a bag of unopened new tea。Anyway, Luo Yi said,You can take it back to drink after tasting。

Luo Jun has a lot of good tea,It seems that he is really a good tea guy。Xia Jian opened the package without hesitation,Pour out a little,Gently put it in the teapot。 Learn how others make tea,Xia Jian moved a little awkwardly, so he started making tea by himself。Suddenly the office door was slammed open。I saw […]

Xia Jian is here to relax,I didn’t expect Wang Yihua to say so,He suddenly became interested。Have good investment projects,Why doesn’t he invest?Now it’s time efficiency,He must not fall behind others。

noon,Wang Yihua hosted Xia Jian,She also called several senior executives from her company to accompany Xia Jian,It’s pretty grand。Because Xia Jian drove,So drinking is free。After eating,Wang Yihua is also going to arrange a room for Xia Jian to rest,But Xia Jian politely declined,So Xia Jian got in Wang Yihua’s car,Walk towards the hot spring。 It […]

Baby,Dad with your mother in the villa,I don’t go back tonight.,Can you complete your homework??

Kiki first sent a voice,Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin, sleeping.,Got up and went out,Just point the speech。 dad,You don’t have to worry about our homework.,The month has given you the line.,You have to grasp this line.,Hurry up early my mother。 I also sent a refueling expression package。 Subsequently, I also sent a voice.,Future father,When […]

“You look,Still this problem,Why go around such a big circle?Get it straight,they are my friends,Is also my former colleague in the car dealership,Now that you know Yuxing Motors,I don’t hide anything from you,The owner of that car dealer’s surname is Geng。I was just an apprentice when I quit,Just know so much。”Li Tianchou stretched out his hand after speaking,“Give another cigarette。”

“go away。”Zhou Nan opened his hand,“It seems that those people have a good relationship with you,Come all the way to help you catch your enemies,Must be very iron?” “Ha ha,no way,I’m so popular。Moreover,Long legs on them,It’s their business where love runs,none of my business。”Li Tianchou puts on a posture that dead pigs are not afraid […]

“I saw him。”Old man Dong’s eyes suddenly turned into vertical pupils,There was a faint golden light,This is Xianjia‘clairvoyance’Dao Fa,“He didn’t go to sea,Walking on the waves,It seems that the target is on the island in front of him。”

Little Cui admires the most,Dong Lao’s spells are unfathomable,But that guy is not easy,Such a big storm can actually ride the waves,He can’t do either of these,If it wasn’t for Dong Lao,He can’t even see the island,Said it was an island,In fact, it is the huge island reef on the sea,The visual distance is at […]

A little fox jumped to the garden,See the jade, the princess is not awake,Jumping on a bench,Attached in Liao Wenjie, a few times。

“The hole is only a monkey,Sun Wukong,To see Tang San Tibet……good,Tightening……”Liao Wenjie raised his hand to touch the chin of the princess of the jade,Frowning, one pick-up,Let the little fox let the monkey,Call Sun Wukong。 Facing the weak defense,That is, a bunch of small foxes, grin, stunning yourself.,Sun Wukong did not have a hard,Instead, courtesy […]

But the ancestor’s body is too weak,Tolerance rate is too low。

of course,Li Ming can also give up and let the deity practice《Holy Book of Thousand Body》plan of,But I’m a bit unwilling。 “There is one last method。。。”Li Ming’s heart moved,That’s the same as many ancestors who are not good at fighting,Earn Chaos Essence through some special techniques。 For example、Alchemy—And other methods。 Alchemy,Li Ming can’t say nothing,But […]

Facing a group of pirates who have little resistance,This kind of battle is completely unilateral slaughter。

really,Seeing that Leo is killing himself,Gantt, who was flying, suddenly uttered a sharp howling。 “I see when you can bear it!”Li Aohan said。 but,He really underestimated Gantt,Gantt just watched his men slaughtered.,Have no intention of falling for a battle。 “Pirate or Pirate!”Leo smiled contemptuously。 Undeniable,The general relationship among the pirates is much better than the […]

Obviously,This Yeechun is the latter!!

And what Yeesun looks like now,Obviously I didn’t realize that I had broken through! Lingjing is a little confused,This……What did Yeechun see just now?…… Ling Jing sat in the small pavilion for only two seconds,Whoosh,Go straight out of the small pavilion,Come there face to the ground,Here is Jingpu where he bent over to work,Seriously: “senior,Please […]

Wang Yihua opened the door and took a look,Xia Jian is the only one,She couldn’t help but smile happily:“now it’s right,We should have been together。Always bring a group of beauties,Eclipse me”

“Mr. Wang is really joking,I’m not here for a beauty pageant,What color are you“Xia Jian laughed and walked into the large living room of Wang Yihua’s house,Naturally sat on the sofa。 Wang Yihua smiled,And started to give him tea。Walked all morning,Watch here,Where did you see,Xia Jian’s mouth is dry long ago。Wang Yihua handed over the […]