The only good thing is that the recovery of perception seems to exceed other functions of the body,This is also an important means for Li Tianzhen to save his life,Perceive the opponent’s position in advance,Can let him cope and escape calmly。

The two treasures in my arms are still the same,Every time it is taken out, it helps to strengthen his mental power,But as the number of withdrawals increases,The effect is less and less obvious,Li Tianchou realized that he might be asking too much,The two treasures may have weakened to the extreme,So I wrapped it in […]

The members of the opposition who have not had time to leave,All killed。

The system prompts that a large amount of merit has been received。 “Bang bang bang,”There was also an explosion from the material warehouse。 Obviously,I’ve got it over there。 The material warehouse has already succeeded,This is even worse for Qin Hao’s situation。 Both the material warehouse and the airport were destroyed,Will undoubtedly bring the enemy’s anger […]

“you guess!”

Fuming showed a provocative smile on his face,The icy cold in Fiankong’s eyes flashed by。 “I will pry your mouth open!” The shadow of fear disappeared suddenly,Fuming greeted me,Two afterimages appeared in the air,Every collision,The turbulent energy will spread around! “boom!. ———— Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Six:Take the animal as a chess piece,Broken halberd […]

Gift rose,Hand smell。Wang Youcai saw that Tian Wa and his wife were so grateful to him,He also felt a little satisfaction。

Drove to the small clinic,He just walked around in the small clinic,Then he quickly returned to the house where Dr. Lu lived。 See if it’s almost time,He called the second sister-in-law Niu Huiling。One call,Wang Youcai smiled and said:“Ersao!Equipment,We should settle” “Ok!I’ve been dragging people to ask about this these two days。Do you have a suitable […]

Chen Jiang also stood up,He took a breath and said:“Current development of Pingyang Town,Already stand out in our city。Of course,This is also the result of your efforts。I am the mayor,Consider the overall development of the entire city。But how many people will know if I work hard?Even Deputy Mayor Qin doesn’t understand me”

“Oh!Didn’t you say that Vice Mayor Qin is going to be transferred??Why did she talk to me about the job in Pingyang Town?”Xia Jian’s Tai Chi is really high,The problem that Chen Jiang presented to him,He pushed it over as it was。 Chen Jiang smiled and said:“The meaning of the leadership above also changes frequently,I […]

Everyone friends,Say what you can’t let Lushan Huangquan go out,Liao Jie is thinking about what day will come out,Coach separately。

Do not,inappropriate,It should be that Jingshan Huangquan is about him.。 It’s also induced by tears and I have been in the grievances from Zhaoshan Huangquan.,That little eyes,Like a knife,It seems that I can’t wait for her chest.。 what reason,Come and tears.,My own man recruits girls like it is not a day two days.,Her sister is […]

Fang Deyun’s face changed slightly,Take the roast goose back inside。

Not say a word! “I know it’s difficult……Xiaoyu, you believe me,I can write an IOU!” Fang Jin is sure。 “Borrow it!” Pan Yulin suggested。 She can see,Fang Jin really couldn’t come here。 Compared with Sigu, the lion has more than one million mouths,Much sincere! If not return…… Quan will lose this relative from now on! […]

Guo Tai turned and looked at Chen Qianxue,His face changed slightly。

“General Manager Chen,You know him?” Work in this office building,How could Guo Tai not know Chen Qianxue?? Not only know,And I’ve been admired for a long time。 “of course I know,Mr Wang,Sorry we are late。” “You are the owner of the luxurious Yujing office building,We wanted to be more grand,But for a while,Too hasty。” Chen […]

Dismissive of others,But it’s what you dream of。

Once occupied a high position in life for a while,Endless revenge,Shame! Seeing Zeng Liang’s frivolous and proud face,Zhu Minglang suddenly found,The virtues of Sun Li and Zeng Liang are really like father and son。 Remember when practicing on the beach,Just because Lu Fang took the initiative to talk to herself,Which makes Zeng Liang angry…… Narrow […]

As for the soul attack?After the heavy armor weakens 90% of its power,The only layer left can’t shake the seven-storied pagoda in Li Ming’s sea of consciousness。

“The ultimate holy feather king of the monster race,Just this way?!”Li Ming sneered,Deliberately spread the sound,But staring at the nine kings,This is the opponent he really needs to face。 As for Youwu King, Scarlet King, Dark Armor King,It doesn’t seem to be worth his attention。 “Young human genius,I haven’t seen it in many years!”The hideous […]