Seven Xingguan District launches practical skills training for pear planting and management

(Reporter Hu Yanqun Correspondent Wang Yuanxiang) Recently, the Qixingguan District Unified Front invited experts in the field of pear industry in Guizhou University to carry out practical skills training for pear planting management and protection. In theoretical training, experts through pictures, videos, and typical cases have comprehensively and meticulously explained the knowledge of the development […]

Many people know,This kind of meeting is very common,It is a summary of the Baihua Group once a month.。

Just everyone, I don’t understand.,The personnel have basically arrived.,Why not start。 In fact, Liu Qingqing is also very helpless.,Dark summer bastard。 She before,Once again called the other party,But the bastard has not yet arrived.。 Snapped。 At this time,The door of the meeting room suddenly opened,A young man who is wearing security uniforms coming in。 […]

Epidemium prevention and control, together with the "epidemic" line of Huaiyin People’s Progressive War

  The virus is ruthless and affectionate. Due to the serious impact of the epidemic, Liu Laozhuang Town, Huaiyin District, Huai’an City, has been in a state of fully closed management since the Spring Festival this year. For more than 100 days, all the elderly and staff could not leave the old home, causing many inconvenience […]

Fast July time,Raspberry on the mountain has grown out,only,Changshi will not have a lot,Plus, I am worried that Yunqin is not there.,Sneak‘poison’Drink,Su Shixin has gone away,I only found less than five minutes.,I ran back quickly.。

Look at the liquid that has not been reduced,Su Shi new is slightly relieved。Then I took only a bowl of 30 left and right raspberries.,Trend the side of the creek next to the clear。 “I will wash you first.,Then eat。” Beishan in Gejia Village,Not many people open farmland,No people grow fruit trees。Basically, plant organic vegetables […]

Oil price changes, kixx Kai Sheng is fearless to move forward -GS CALTEX trustworthy partners

As of March 8, 2022, the price of WTI crude oil in the United States was about $ 121/barrel (11 o’clock as the benchmark). The price of Brent crude oil was about $ 126/barrel (11 o’clock). Compared with oil prices at the end of 2021, the current oil prices are described as very appropriate. [] […]

“Ordinary and ordinary battle,I think,Can you accept it?。”

Looking at the Qing Palace that gradually approaches,Knight head brow wrinkle,Just to go forward,But he just took a step,I was forced to stop.。 A person is blocked in front of him。 “did not expect,You and I didn’t see the battlefield,But here is here。”The rear of the water looks at the blonde man in front of,Whispered,“but,For […]

Chengdu Public Security launched an electronic bracelet "cloud supervision" non -detention suspect

Criminal suspects in electronic bracelets. The Golden Bull public security chart "Electronic bracelet has real -time positioning, disassembly alarm, safe waterproof and other functions, and it must be disassembled with a dedicated disassembly tool. The system is mainly composed of two parts. For the suspects who monitor the residence, we adopt the form of electronic […]

Then,Next moment,Buron’s fist,Directly on the body of Demai。

then,The passive will be filled directly,Dizziness is taken into force,Deli Wen’s body is played on the spot in a moment.。 but,Just when this vertigo effect in Buron,A sharp ava with endless murder,It has been suddenly striking from the hands of Deli Wen.。 Then,This airhardda,Directly flying into the air,Then fly in the direction of the policewoman。 […]

Fujian Nanping: Comprehensively deepen the construction of the Civilization Practice Center of the New Era

  From April 22nd to 23rd, Nanping City, Fujian Province, comprehensively deepened the expansion of the construction of the new era of civilization practice center (institute, station) construction work site promotion meeting at Jukou Township, Yanping District. Liu Yongtong, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, Yu […]

Zhou Baomie’s daughter sent tea,serve customer,Be careful,Just when Song Yuexia is also an employer’s tempering goal.。

Seeing that Song Yuezi stared at her,After the Himmist daughter left,Chen Linzhi smiled and explained:“Do not misunderstand,Her mother cleaned it in this,See my high salary,Fat water does not flow out,Hand her daughter is also called together,I have no relationship with her.。” “What is your heart?,I didn’t guess again.,Just think that her pants are very good.。” […]