Xia Jian walked to Secretary Wang,Asked softly:“You know what happened,What do you say about this?“

“It’s up to you!People here trust you,No one listens when i talk“Secretary Wang said,Helplessly shook his head。 Xia Jian called Ding Changwa over,Asked softly:“What’s the situation in Ding Guisheng’s home??How old is the old man,Tell me in detail” “Old man Ding Gui is 78 this year,My wife is gone。Have a son and a daughter,They are […]

“it is good!”Wang Youcai responded,So I walked around the small clinic。

Suddenly sitting in the bench,A man in his forties stood up,He said very politely:“Hello boss。I am the attending physician at Xihua Hospital,due to personal reason,Now resigned。I heard that there are many doctors here,I want to come over and apply” “what!Attending physician at Westernization Hospital?Then I can’t use this small clinic。Moreover,I don’t lack a doctor here,Thank […]

He seems a little careless,But this careless heart also reveals contempt for everything around。

Just now,He also saw,Just so what。 Goods like Zeng Liang,How to train your dragon,How does it compare to a real genius like him? “If you only have this blue sacred dragon,Then you can give in early,And me,Although I won’t be as jealous as Zeng Liang,But it’s not a gentle person,The person against me,Nothing to end。Your […]

The only good thing is that the recovery of perception seems to exceed other functions of the body,This is also an important means for Li Tianzhen to save his life,Perceive the opponent’s position in advance,Can let him cope and escape calmly。

The two treasures in my arms are still the same,Every time it is taken out, it helps to strengthen his mental power,But as the number of withdrawals increases,The effect is less and less obvious,Li Tianchou realized that he might be asking too much,The two treasures may have weakened to the extreme,So I wrapped it in […]

Wait for the father and daughter to leave,Xia Jian really poured the tea in the teapot,I searched for a while in the tea in Fangye,Picked a bag of unopened new tea。Anyway, Luo Yi said,You can take it back to drink after tasting。

Luo Jun has a lot of good tea,It seems that he is really a good tea guy。Xia Jian opened the package without hesitation,Pour out a little,Gently put it in the teapot。 Learn how others make tea,Xia Jian moved a little awkwardly, so he started making tea by himself。Suddenly the office door was slammed open。I saw […]

The members of the opposition who have not had time to leave,All killed。

The system prompts that a large amount of merit has been received。 “Bang bang bang,”There was also an explosion from the material warehouse。 Obviously,I’ve got it over there。 The material warehouse has already succeeded,This is even worse for Qin Hao’s situation。 Both the material warehouse and the airport were destroyed,Will undoubtedly bring the enemy’s anger […]

“Ok!That means we still have the money to sing this drama?“Xia Jian still turned the topic back。

Zhao Hong said coldly:“Have,There are hundreds of thousands“ “it is good!Since the villagers have this meaning,No matter how hard it is,Write a request letter from the villagers who want to watch the big show of Xisan Group,Let every household sign a representative,Then report this to town,Just nod in town,Let’s sing this play“Xia Jian said,Haha laughed。 […]

“Yao Kun,You did a good job this time,Your family in Yao,I will definitely let Tu Guo take good care of the students。”Chang Hong patted Yao Junshi,Said with a smile。

Yao Junshi’s face changed,Want to explain,But I found that everyone’s eyes fell on me,Suddenly flushed。 “Yao Junshi,How can you betray us!”Hu Bailing was shocked,Questioned angrily。 Hu Chongming learned this secret from his ancestors,And still Zhu Minglang and Li Xing painting found the remains in Lihuagou,It was concluded that there is a ruin entrance in this […]

Xia Jian is here to relax,I didn’t expect Wang Yihua to say so,He suddenly became interested。Have good investment projects,Why doesn’t he invest?Now it’s time efficiency,He must not fall behind others。

noon,Wang Yihua hosted Xia Jian,She also called several senior executives from her company to accompany Xia Jian,It’s pretty grand。Because Xia Jian drove,So drinking is free。After eating,Wang Yihua is also going to arrange a room for Xia Jian to rest,But Xia Jian politely declined,So Xia Jian got in Wang Yihua’s car,Walk towards the hot spring。 It […]