This competitive relationship,Is the tradition of God City,It is also a means to inspire the younger generation of masters in the gods。

This time, Wang Ce led people into the black blood cavalry camp,I came to trouble Ye Fangzheng,If he defeated Ye Fangzheng in public,At that time, you will be able to get a higher quality superb weapon in the magic weapon ceremony.。 In this competition,As long as the trouble is not too ridiculous,The strong above the […]

Tian Xingyao and Xiao Fan have not had time to speak,I heard Zhao Ling’er speak first:“Brother Xing Yao,Brother Xiao Fan,How come you two stay outside for so long?”

Zhao Linger finished,Just glanced outside,Liu Dapeng and those little brothers are gone,Even the garbage they brought at the door has been cleaned up。 Subsequently,Zhao Linger continued:“Is not,Where’s that smelly rascal?Where did it go,Brother Xing Yao,Did you give them money??Don’t you have any money?Where did you get the money to give to those rascals,Want me to […]

Step in,See at a glance9Three teenagers sitting at the number table,Ok,That woman should be gone,Relieved。

Then secretly laughed at myself,If that woman is still there,Could it be the half-year-old child who answered the phone?? ———— Chapter Thirty Four Lost and recovered Zhao Zhennan saw an imposing man approaching them,Eyes directly on the phone on the desktop,Immediately understood,Stand up,Asked with a slight hesitation:“Hello?” A polite child can always easily get the […]

He Huandong’s instinct is not wrong,It’s just not Zhou’s,When he got the news,Really dumbfounding,More still admire!

All the brothers are trying hard to drink,Wang Ruikai dare not drink,Not afraid,But the brothers are drunk,It’s not good if something goes wrong,He is big brother,Duty to watch them。 Reached out and grabbed the wine bottle that Qi Zhenbang was holding,Seeing his drunk eyes are blurred,Can’t help but scold,“you are a doctor,Why drink so much […]

Hu Zhihua feels that the time is almost missing,After observing it, I think this is the best mobile phone meeting。So apart from anything else, I took my gun and fired four shots at the candidate.。

The candidate fell to the ground,It’s just that after Hu Zhihua shot it, it felt weird。 “how,There is no blood on this person?” This strange thought just appeared,He was attacked by a group of gunmen。 Bang bang bang—— When Hu Zhihua fell, I heard the disdainful voices of these gunmen,“Ah,At this level and this brain, […]

“But something like this happened today,Then it can only show that you usually have deep grievances,In other words, the person who kidnapped Liu Shiwen is also very powerful,To dare to do this。”

Qin Feng’s guess is very correct,With Liu Tiancheng’s position,Can call the wind and call the rain throughout China,Even at the provincial governor level,When you see him, you have to call her a big brother Tiancheng! If you think about it,,There is only one candidate left in Liu Tiancheng’s mind。 “It’s that bastard?”Liu Tiancheng’s tone suddenly […]

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———— Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Seven Shocked Qin Tiannan A few days later,Qin Feng and Yinsang returned to the capital together。 Qin Feng was still a little curious,So I asked it very simply,Only then learned,This Yin Sang is not an island nation。 “Where are you from??” “Ha ha,I do not know either,Since being adopted,My […]

The saint realm warrior also stopped,His world is normal,Except the aura in the body is burning。

This is the real situation,Not a spiritual fantasy。 He wants to turn around,Want to question,But suddenly I found that everything around was black and white,Those subordinates disappeared into the world in flames。 at last,He understands why the president is so inspiring to let them find that person,It’s all over now,His branch venue,And this life,Will slowly […]

He has a strong murderous intent,Coupled with the strength of the Ninth Stage into the peak of the Holy Realm,No one was waiting to threaten him。

One of the most powerful is that the arrow of the single arrow gate is missing,He is a martial artist who has entered the holy realm,But there is still a big gap compared with Xia Chenglong。 Half stick incense,The time of a stick of incense passed,They have been standing for a while,Nothing happened。 admire! Someone […]

Lu Youshan laughed,Speak loudly:“Nothing,Nothing!Just come back!”

“Son is back,Not to get some good food?”Lu Youshan told his wife。 Chunqin glared at her husband,Tao:“I dont go!I can’t accompany my son more?Go you go!” Lu Menglin glanced,I found only three bowls on my table,The bowl is full of small dishes like green vegetables tofu。 “dad,mom,You usually eat this?”Lu Menglin frowned slightly,Asked。 Lu Youshan […]