Chengdu launched a blind road special rectification to let the blind people do not "obstinate" – People’s Political Consultative Conference

In order to effectively solve problems such as disabled facilities such as urban road, purify the lack of lack of lack of lack of lanes, providing a safe and comfortable travel environment for the public, especially visually impaired persons, Chengdu is carrying out a special rectification of urban roads for about 3 months. This remediation […]

A total of 1600 tons per year: Japanese unicorn beer plant intends to introduce solar power generation

On November 9, the Common Social website recently reported that Japanese Kirin Beer Company has recently revealed that the company intends to introduce solar power generation equipment in the 9 NAT, Japan. In the beginning of next year, solar equipment will be set in the factory in Hokkaido, Zicheng County and Okayama Prefecture. Before the […]

Bank of China Shanxi Branch helps Jin enterprises "世界"

  On November 6, the 4th China International Import Expo trade investment docking will open at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). This trade investment docking will be jointly organized by China International Import Expo, National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) and Bank of China.   As the Bank of China, the Bank of China, China […]

Changchun New District: Activate "Double Creative" source to expand the new space of youth entrepreneurial

Name, professional technical field cover chemical, physics, electronic information, industrial automation, mechanical manufacturing, technical economy, and industrial management, etc., with an average of more than five years of entrepreneurial services incubation experience. Households, among which college students’ entrepreneurial enterprises, graduation enterprises, including electronic information, mechanical manufacturing, biomedicine, industrial design, environmental protection and creative design, etc., […]

Chongzuo City Public Security Bureau held an auxiliary police first assessment level

Distribution ceremony. Chongzuo City Public Security Bureau is awarded that the Chongzuo City Public Security Bureau held police assistants (hereinafter referred to as "auxiliary police") for the first time I evaluated the level of level identification issuance ceremony, 240 first-rate auxiliary auxiliary police issued a position ID. With the unity of the completion of the […]

Chinese Academie voor Engineering Liu Hao woonde de 15e "Hermit Scholarship" Award Ceremony van Chinese University of Science and Technology

Bron: het kantoor van het Derde Gepubliceerde Bureau van Engineering: 2022-01-18 [Laatste ID] 4 januari, 2022 Fu Wei, Engineering Science, Executive, Executive Dean, Wu Heng’an, etc., Leraren en winnende studenten woonden de prijsuitreiking. "Ja Scholarship" is Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, en Liu Hei, China Petroleum Exploration and Developation Research Institute, stelde een […]

‘S Werelds eerste 96-kern blokketen Special Accelerator Chip Release

  Deze krant (Reporter Wang Hao Male) Onlangs zal de grote release "Changan Chain" in Beijing worden gehouden en ‘s werelds eerste 96-kernblokketen Special Accelerator-chip wordt vrijgegeven.   Het is duidelijk dat "Chang’an Chain" het eerste binnenlandse autonome gecontroleerde blokketen Soft Hardware Technical System is, met volledige autonomie, hoge prestaties, sterke privacy en brede co?peratieve kenmerken. Dong […]

Do a strong "bridgehead" copper beam to pay close attention to the intelligent manufacturing industry

Lu Xiangjia Technology Co., Ltd. smart lock products. 世鹏 摄 人民 人民 重 Chongqing December 12th "In order to ensure safety, the house owner’s fingerprint, password, biometric information is all reserved inside the door lock body, and will never be uploaded to the network. "Located in Chongqing Luxiangjia Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: […]

De Chinese ambassadeur, de ambassadeur van Soedan, ontmoette Bouly met Su Jun Leaders

De ambassadeur van MA Xin en Bourges. De Chinese ambassade in Soedan wordt toegekend door de mensen. Camei MU, 11 november (Reporter Suhang) De Chinese ambassadeur van Sudan zal de Sovjetleider in Bourghan ontmoeten op de 10e en wisselen van mening over de huidige situatie in Soedan. MA Xinmin zei dat als een traditionele Soedanese-vriendelijke […]